HugePages Configuration and Monitoring for Oracle

Here is a blog I did earlier last year when trying to get HugePages configured on a server that was running Oracle 10g.

Implementing HugePages has become common practice with Oracle 11g and is fairly well documented in MOS Note 361468.1.
The basics steps are as follows:

* Set the memlock ulimit for the oracle user.
* Disable Automatic Memory Managment if necesary as it is incompatible with HugePages.
* Run the Oracle supplied script to calculate the recommended value for the vm.nr_hugepages kernel parameter.
* Edit /etc/sysctl.conf with the vm.nr_hugepages with the recommeneded setting.
* Reboot the server

Unfortunately, The database we were working with was 10g. As it turns out, there are some differences between
Oracle 10 and 11, mainly that there is no HugePage logging in the alert log on version 10. See MOS Note: 1392543.1

Click here to see what to look for and how to troubleshoot HugePages implementation.

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