GoldenGate 12.1.2 Replication from SQL Server to Oracle

This is a post using GoldenGate 12.1.2 from a SQL Server source database to an Oracle 11gR2 database.

What this tutorial will cover:

1. OGG installation on Windows
2. OGG installation on Linux using the graphical installer
3. Direct Load method to initially copy the data from SQL Server to Oracle
4. Configuration of the normal live replication from source to target

This tutorial does not cover the installation of SQL Server 2008R2, but does show the pre-requites for using OGG with SQL Server as well as the certification matrix of OGG 12.1.2 .

I’ve included lots of screenshots for the install to hopefully make things a bit easier to follow. You can download it from here .

Good Luck!

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