Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Formerly Called Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services

Are you looking for enterprise cloud solutions to run your Oracle Database?  Take a look at Oracle Cloud.

I spoke about cloud performance at OOW 2016 and it was really impressive with local NVMe storage available to handle large I/O intensive workloads. Download whitepaper Accenture-Oracle-Cloud-Performance-Test-October2016 to learn more.

Besides bare metal machines, you can also launch VMs and and databases.

The Bare Metal Cloud Database Service enables you to provision an Oracle Database System with an elastically scalable (up and down) number of cores (OCPU) in a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).  You can launch Oracle Database 11.2 or 12.1 in Standard, Enterprise, High Performance, or Extreme Performance editions on your choice of two bare metal compute shapes with Local NVMe Storage: High I/O (4.2TB usable local storage) and Dense I/O (9.6TB usable local storage).

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